We want clients to know that they have the industry’s leading products and consumers to know the same. This is why we don’t just offer a wide array of cannabis testing; we go the extra mile to help our clients thoroughly understand our process and effectively optimize theirs.


Potency Testing

Our potency test implements advanced instrumentation and specialized methodology to identify and quantify select cannabinoids. We test for CBDV, CBGA, CBDA, CBG, CBD, THCV, CBN, Delta-9 THC, CBC and THCA. As one of the first laboratories to be certified for potency testing, we’ve now run thousands upon thousands of tests on just about every type of cannabis product. This has allowed us to fine-tune our potency test for any type of sample that comes our way. Our methods are validated for selectivity, linearity, precision and accuracy through both experimental design and statistical analysis to bring you the most accurate results possible.

Certified Pesticide Testing

We offer the most extensive pesticide analysis panel for marijuana products in the State of Colorado. Relying on our decades of analytical testing experience and advanced instrumentation, we developed a testing method capable of screening for the MED required 15 compound panel at reporting limits as low as 5 parts per billion. It’s likely this kind of scientific dedication that’s earned us a reputation as the most thorough, reliable laboratory in the industry. Gobi Analytical is certified by the State of Colorado for pesticide testing.

The MED Required Pesticide Panel
Avermectin B1a
Avermectin B1b
Spinosyn A
Spinosyn D

Microbial Testing

Our microbial laboratory is run by experts in the food testing industry, incorporating the same standards of quality required by the USDA and FDA. We’ve combined advanced qPCR technology with 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mold plating to provide you full panel STEC (Shiga-toxin producing E. coli), Salmonella, and Total Yeast and Mold Count analyses in as little as two days. We’ve developed in-house research validations that allow us to optimize our methodology and include additional services beyond the minimum testing requirements.

In addition to the Colorado state-required microbial contaminants tests, we also deliver an array of food safety and research testing including water activity, pH, shelf stability, common pathogenic identification, and plant sex-typing.

Terpene Analysis

Terpenes are the organic compounds that provide different stains of cannabis with different scents. Terpenes also play a pivotal role in the variation of effects different cannabis strains offer. In recent years, some researchers have even come to believe that terpenes are equally as powerful as cannabinoids in creating therapeutic properties. At Gobi Labs, we offer a comprehensive terpene analysis that reports on 21 different compounds. This allows you to provide your customers with detailed product classifications and useful insights on a product’s effects.

Gobi Analytical is not certified by the State of Colorado for terpene testing. These analyses are for research and development purposes only.

Our Terpene Panel
Alpha Pinene
Beta Myrcene
(-)-Beta Pinene
delta 3 Carene
Alpha Terpinene
Gamma Terpinene
Beta Carophyllene
Alpha Humulene
(-)-Carophyl Oxide
Alpha Bisabolol

Residual Solvent Testing

At Gobi Labs, we include the largest compilation of residual solvents in our standard analysis panel—including iso-butane, n-butane, heptane, benzene, toluene, hexane, and xylenes as specified by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division. In addition to this required list of solvents, we also test for propane and ethanol upon request. And we do it all with a residual solvent screening method we’ve developed called rapid Static Headspace Gas Chromatography (SHS-GC).

With this method, the instrumentation is optimized for sensitivity and precision. The quantitation is performed by external standard analysis using flame ionization detection (FID). The SHS-GC method has been extensively tested and validated using internationally accepted guidelines with respect to specificity, linearity, range, detection and quantitation limits.

At Gobi Labs, we know we are the last line of defense against residual solvents. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our clients are getting results they can trust.

pH Testing

While pH testing is not an MED required analysis, we’ve found that it can be highly useful for clients in the research and development phase. It’s especially helpful in guiding infused edible manufacturers through shelf stability testing protocols. We run multiple tests for each sample to provide our clients with the most accurate information possible.

Gobi Analytical is not certified by the State of Colorado for pH testing. These analyses are for research and development purposes only.

Water Activity Testing

Water activity testing results contribute greatly to the shelf stability analysis required by the Denver Health Department. At Gobi Labs, we use an Aqualab 4TEV instrument with the capability to analyze dew point and capacitance. This dual-analysis feature allows us to measure water activity in non-volatile samples—such as cookies and candies—as well as volatile samples—like ethanol extracts and ethanol-based tinctures.

We’ve also found that water activity testing can be useful for clients in the research and development phase. Our results can identify plant water content and help troubleshoot the presence of microbial contaminants.

Gobi Analytical is not certified by the State of Colorado for water activity testing. These analyses are for research and development purposes only.

Homogeneity Testing

Accuracy in dosing is important—especially when it comes to ingested products like edibles. This is why we offer testing to ensure that the THC in cannabis-infused products is evenly distributed.

What We Test

What We Test



If it’s cannabis related, we’ve probably tested it at Gobi Labs. Here are the types of samples we accept most often.


Testing Flower

  • Potency
  • Microbial
  • Terpenes
  • Pesticides


Testing Concentrates

  • Potency
  • Residual Solvent or Microbial
  • Terpenes
  • Pesticides


Testing Infused Products

  • Potency/Homogeneity
  • Microbial
  • Pesticides


Testing Research and Development Products

We find new developments to be tremendously exciting. Our clients submit prototypes to us both to test their new products and to have us assist them through the development process. Each client’s needs are different, and we work with you individually to provide specialized consulting. If you have a question about unique testing services or product R&D, feel free to give us a call today.

Get Started

Get Started


We pride ourselves on two things—our accuracy and our efficiency. We know just how important turnaround times are for our clients’ businesses. This is why we want to help you ensure you’ve got all your ducks—or buds—in a row. Here is where you’ll find our checklist of new client requirements if you’re new. You’ll also find our minimum sampling weight requirements and sample intake form. If you have any questions about our internal testing protocols, we’re always available by phone or email to assist you.

We’ve built our careers on answering questions scientifically. And we’re not bad at answering them conversationally either.

Have questions? Want to make sure you’re conducting the right tests at the right time? We’re more than happy to help.

Gobi Labs
3924 Youngfield St
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

New Client Checklist

Welcome to Gobi Labs! We’re happy to have you. To ensure the most efficient and accurate processing of your tests and results, please review and provide us with the following information upon your first visit:

  • Copy of State License(s)
    • Send electronically or bring a hard copy
  • Copy of Local License(s)
    • Send electronically or bring a hard copy
  • Business Address
  • Testing Reports Contact Information
    • Full Name(s) of Contact Personnel
    • Email(s) to send reports
    • Phone Number(s)
  • Accounting Contact Information
    • Full Name(s) of Contact Personnel
    • Email(s) to send accounting matters
    • Phone Number(s)
  • Carefully Review Sample Weight Requirement Sheet
    • Make sure all samples meet the minimum requirements for each type of test, including packaging and METRC tags
  • Print Gobi Sample Intake Form
    • The document can be filled out in advance or if you prefer, you can bring it in to fill out with us

If you have any questions regarding sample submission, please feel free to
contact us at 303-456-2040 or

Sample Submission Guidelines

Starting January 1, 2018, licensed marijuana businesses will need to follow new testing requirements in the Medical (M) and Retail (R) 1500 Series rules.  Our sample submission guidelines will help you understand the changes.

Which Tests are Required?

Test Type Medical Retail
Potency (flower) Yes Yes
Potency (concentrate) Yes Yes
Potency (infused product) Yes Yes
Homogeneity (infused product) Yes Yes
Microbial (flower) February 1st, 2018 Yes
Microbial (infused product) February 1st, 2018 Yes
Microbial (water-based concentrate) February 1st, 2018 Yes
Residual Solvents (solvent-based concentrate) February 1st, 2018 Yes
Pesticides (flower) TBD TBD
Pesticides (concentrate) TBD TBD
Mycotoxins (remediated concentrate) TBD TBD

Medical and Retail Marijuana, Concentrates, and Infused Products require Cannabinoid Potency testing (M 1503R 1503). Retail Marijuana, water-based Concentrates, and Infused Products require Microbial Contaminant testing (R 1501 C 1). Starting February 1st, 2018, Medical Marijuana, water-based Concentrates, and Infused Products will require Microbial Contaminant Testing (M 1501 C 1). Retail Marijuana Concentrates require Residual Solvent Analysis (R 1501 C 4). Starting February 1st, 2018, Medical Marijuana Concentrates will require Residual Solvent Analysis (MED Bulletin 17-09 and M 1501 C 4).

Sample Size Requirements

Medical / Retail Marijuana

Harvest Batch Size Sampling Size Test Batch Size
≤ 10 pounds 8 separate 0.5 gram Samples 4 grams
10.01 – 20 pounds 12 separate 0.5 gram Samples 6 grams
20.01 – 30 pounds 15 separate 0.5 gram Samples 7.5 grams
30.01 – 40 pounds 18 separate 0.5 gram Samples 9 grams
40.01 – 100 pounds 23 separate 0.5 gram Samples 11.5 grams
> 100 pounds 29 separate 0.5 gram Samples 14.5 grams

 M 1504 B.1 and R 1504 B.1

Medical / Retail Marijuana Concentrate

Harvest Batch Size Sampling Size Test Batch Size
≤ 1 pound 8 separate 0.5 gram Samples 4 grams
1.01 – 2 pounds 12 separate 0.5 gram Samples 6 grams
2.01 – 3 pounds 15 separate 0.5 gram Samples 7.5 grams
3.01 – 4 pounds 18 separate 0.5 gram Samples 9 grams
4.01 – 10 pounds 23 separate 0.5 gram Samples 11.5 grams
> 10 pounds 29 separate 0.5 gram Samples 14.5 grams

 M 1504 B.3 and R 1504 B.3


Medical / Retail Marijuana Product

Production Batch Size Sample Size Test Batch Size
1 – 100 products 2 separate Samples 1
101 – 500 products 4 separate Samples 1
501 – 1000 products 6 separate Samples 1
1,001 – 5,000 products 8 separate Samples 1
5,001 – 10,000 products 10 separate Samples 1
> 10,000 products 12 separate Samples 1

Samples must be submitted in final packaging per M 1504 B.4 and R 1504 B.4


Sampling Procedures

The CDHPE Reference Library’s sample collection protocols must be used for the collection of marijuana/marijuana product samples submitted to marijuana testing facilities for required testing in accordance with R 1504 A 1 and M 1504 A 1.

Combining Required Tests

You may elect to submit each Test Batch separately, but the MED also gives you the option of combining multiple tests into one Test Batch, which you can submit using one METRC tag.

MED Industry Bulletin 17-09 states:

The Samples collected may be composited into a single physical package and submitted as a single Test Batch. That single Test Batch may be submitted for multiple required tests.

Please note: you can no longer combine multiple Harvest or Production Batches into a single Test Batch.

…multiple Harvest or Production Batches may not be combined into a single Test Batch.


Sampling Bags

We offer sterile sample bags to you, free of charge. Simply request for them upon your visit. For more sampling information, please contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process.

About Gobi

About Gobi

We don’t just
follow standards.
we set them.

Gobi Labs was founded by two devout chemists and a belief that sound scientific analysis is the surest route to advancement. It’s not just their love of science that has attracted them to testing; it’s their passion for cannabis. They worked diligently to master the state’s regulations and develop the leading potency testing facility in Colorado. After creating their strong foundation, they became the first laboratory to be certified for microbial testing and residual solvent analysis.

And they didn’t stop there.

Since Gobi Labs opened our doors on May 1, 2014, we have been rapidly growing, developing new methodology, and setting and resetting standards. The Gobi team now collectively holds over 30 years of analytical testing experience. We work around the clock to bring you the most reliable results in the fastest time possible, all to make your success a reality.

The brains behind the operation

Get to know the leadership of Gobi Labs

Peter Perrone & Burenjargal (Bugi) Perrone

Owners of Gobi Labs


Before they founded Gobi Labs, Peter Perrone and Bugi Perrone had spent the majority of their careers unknowingly preparing for their involvement in the marijuana industry.

Peter has always been an herbal chemist through and through. As an undergraduate, he spent a year traveling through Africa and living with indigenous peoples in an attempt to find new natural medicines he could bring back to the United States for further testing. The more Peter learned about natural remedies, the greater his passion for them became. In fact, Peter completed his Master’s thesis on a German medicine that’s derived from a tree seed. He then proceeded to spend over 20 years honing his chemical analysis abilities in various laboratory settings.

Meanwhile, Bugi was becoming a chemist with an affinity for quality assurance. She landed a job with the Mongolian Institute for Standard and Metrology at a time when Mongolia was working closely with the EU to implement quality assurance standards in Mongolian testing laboratories. Bugi’s QA work has taken her from Mongolia to Turkey and Korea and finally landed her in the United States.

When Peter and Bugi met in the graduate program for chemistry at the University of Colorado Denver, the compatibility of their respective strengths quickly became apparent. On January 1, 2014—the day recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado—Peter and Bugi decided that cannabis testing was the perfect place to put those strengths to good use.

They founded Gobi Labs, and in short order the company became one of the first three laboratories to be certified for marijuana testing in the State. Peter and Bugi have loved seeing the quality of the flower available in Colorado increase drastically. And they’ve loved being able to encourage clients to focus on more than just the THCA content of their plants. They both believe that this is simply their first step in a long career in cannabis research.

With Peter applying his skillset to develop the laboratory’s methods and validate its instruments, and Bugi leveraging her experience to manage quality assurance, it’s no wonder that Gobi Labs has quickly become the trusted source for trustworthy cannabis testing.

Michelle Tumeehuu

Office Manager


Michelle Tumeehuu grew up in Mongolia, but she and Bugi Perrone were never acquainted until they each moved to Denver, Colorado and happened to find themselves at the same birthday party. With her Master’s of Science in human resources, Michelle had spent her career as a corporate laboratory recruiter when she became Gobi Lab’s first employee in June of 2014. She’s passionate about the therapeutic and pain relieving potential cannabis holds and personally has friends and family who are using cannabis medicinally. Michelle finds the impact the cannabis industry has had on Colorado’s economy to be remarkable and is excited to be involved in the budding industry.

Michelle’s favorite strain is Purple Kush because of its vibrant color and exceptional smell. And since Michelle has been responsible for bringing some of the best chemists in the state to Gobi Labs, it’s fair to say that she’s got a talent for spotting exceptional attributes.



We don’t just offer
our science.
We offer our smarts.

As a team of cannabis-passionate scientists, we do a lot more than deliver reliable testing results. We talk you through each test, provide you with specific feedback on every report and make sure you understand the scientific principles behind everything we do. Throughout your time with us, we help you develop a plan for experimentation and testing throughout your product development process.

Want to schedule a consulting appointment?




Cannabis news for
industry insiders

We know that keeping up with industry requirements and developments isn’t easy. This is why we’re working to keep you posted by reposting relevant articles here.

Gobi Emerald Award, Fall 2016

Gobi Analytical was awarded for their outstanding performance in the 2016 Fall Emerald Test(R). The Emerald Test Advisory Panel requires that each laboratory participant scores within two standard deviations on all analytes in order to receive an Emerald Test Badge. Gobi is proud to announce that it has earned the test badge for every evaluation in which it has participated to date. We not only strive to demonstrate our proficiency in cannabis testing, but also to show our laboratory’s commitment to excellence within the cannabis industry.

Best of 2016 Wheat Ridge

The Wheat Ridge Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Wheat Ridge area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Wheat Ridge Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in the community. This organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Their mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Top 100 CBE Award

Top 100 Ancillary Businesses (large) (2) (1)Gobi has recently been included in the Top 100 Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) Top100 Ancillary Businesses of 2016. The 2016 CBE list includes some of the most influential businesses in the cannabis industry. Gobi is proud to be recognized and to join other industry thought leaders in pushing the cannabis industry forward.

Gobi Emerald Awards

gobi_analytical_2016_Emerald_Test_Residual_Solvents_award_badge (1)gobi_analytical_2016_Spring_Emerald_Test_Potency_award_badge (1) (1)

Gobi was recently acknowledged for their lab’s performance in the 2016 Spring Emerald Test®.The Emerald Test Advisory Panel used a criteria of scoring within 2 standard deviations on all analytes but one, to determine which labs received an Emerald Test Badge.  For the Potency Test and the Residual Solvents Test, Gobi Labs performed within these criteria, earning an Emerald Test Badge.



Join the Gobi Team

If you have a passion for the potential of cannabis, have an eye for precision and are looking for a career in a budding industry, then we’re probably looking for you too. To join our rapidly growing team, submit your resume and area of interest to





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